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6 Reasons Why a Laser Rangefinder is an Archer’s Best Friend

6 Reasons Why a Laser Rangefinder is an Archer’s Best Friend
6 reasons why a laser rangefinder is an archer’s best friend

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Shooting an arrow right-on-point towards targets require a huge amount of skills, such as the ability to keep the body still and the art of aiming.

The ability to shoot an arrow accurately is the ultimate goal for most archers, and one of the huge reasons on whether we can have a successful hunt. Today, the tool to allow you to easily assess the distance of your target is by using a rangefinder. As you go deeper into the woods to hunt, a rangefinder would no doubt be one of the most useful assets. Remember to bring your GPS along with you so that you remain safe and still enjoy a good hunting experience.

There are many rangefinders such as using RADAR, LIDAR, SONAR and Ultrasonic. However, we would mainly talk about laser rangefinders here because they are the most common ones used. Therefore, here are 6 reasons why you must have a laser rangefinder.

Reason 1: Increase your chances in making a clean shot

A laser rangefinder would give you pinpoint accuracy, showing you the distance between you and the target. However, the measurement would be valid only if the shot is made in a straight-line. You can find a laser rangefinder equipped with angle compensators to mitigate this problem.

Having a laser rangefinder mounter on your bow and learning how to use it can eliminate unnecessary movement and the need to guess the distance between you and your targets. This allows you to pay attention on selecting the right moment to release your arrow.

Furthermore, a rangefinder will keep your shots sufficiently and consistently precise to be centered over the target’s vital parts. Other than not wanting to miss your target, every hunter with integrity wants to make a clean shot to avoid tracking of a wounded animal. With better aim, it would translate to less time spent on following the injured animal’s blood trail, and it allows you to kill it in a more humane way.

Reason 2: Defy Gravity

If you are shooting arrows over any distance, gravity pulls the arrow towards the ground the moment they are shot. The longer the distance to reach the target, the longer the drop.

Since bowhunters usually shoot from elevated positions, it would involve high angle shots. High angle shots will usually render you to shoot over targets because gravity will not act on the entire arrow, but only on horizontal portions of the range, between the archer and the target.

While shooting at high angles, you can make corrections by using simple trigonometry, while many rangefinders would help you calculate the True Ballistic Range (TBR), taking into account the angle you are shooting from. A laser rangefinder would definitely be your best companion when you hunt in canyons, on mountains or any terrains that has slopes

Reason 3: Understand your terrain better

Preparation can increase your chances significantly for a successful hunt. Having a laser rangefinder can help you effectively scout the location of your hunting ground. You can familiarize yourself on where the elk would habitually enter and exit, while getting a range for each of them. When you take the shot, you are already familiar with the distance between you and the target.

Also, it would also be fun to explore the environment around you! A rangefinder can increase your awareness of the terrain around you, giving you an idea of how you can hunt better.

Reason 4: Prevent anything from blocking your target

The rangefinder can detect objects that would get in the way of your shot. This would save you a lot of trouble because hitting an item blocking you could potentially cause the target to move away. However, with a rangefinder, you can try different positions, ensuring that you get a clear shot.

However, this function is only present in certain rangefinders. Hence, if you are an enthusiastic bowhunter, keep an eye out for rangefinders that display your shot clearance.

Reason 5: Convenient to Travel with

After packing all your necessary gears, you will find that the size of the gear you pick would be important. It is advisable to have a rangefinder that can fit into your pocket, making easy for you to hold and use it.

Nowadays, rangefinders have become smaller in size and lighter in weight. Monocular rangefinders can replace your binoculars too, providing the function of magnification and determining the distance between you and the target. With this rangefinder, you do not need to tug around between two different units for getting a clearer vision.

In extreme weather, some rangefinders that come with nitrogen filled lens can prevent fogging and are waterproof. Most rangefinders are made from rugged materials that can sustain physical abuse. This shows you why a rangefinder is the perfect travel companion!

Reason 6: Having all the functions you need in one device

With a cutting-edge rangefinder, it would give you a range to the target, automatically input all of the environmental conditions and some are even capable of connecting with the wind meter via Bluetooth connection.

Nowadays, some rangefinders have ballistic software which are necessary for long-range shooting. It can also automatically calculate the shot angle, making sure that you won’t miss a shot! With these functions, it would significantly increase your performance in several areas including speed and accuracy.


A rangefinder is a very useful hunting tool which significantly increase your success rate in shooting your target. With a wide selection of rangefinders to choose from, you can choose which of the function you want to forgo. For example, you can forgo the angle compensator if you do not hunt from a treestand. If you like to hunt in the open fields, you do not need a rangefinder that can pick out secondary objects. Make sure you carefully consider your hunting conditions before picking a laser rangefinder!

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