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9 DIY Prepper Projects You Need to Master

52 Prepper Projects

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You may think you have survival nailed, but there is always room to improve.

The following DIY prepper projects are affordable, fun, and will help you to be even more prepared for whatever challenges the future brings.

Like everything on this site, the following ideas are meant to get you out doing more to learn hands on rather than just sit in your living room and read about what you can do.  The greatest project list ever will not help you if you don’t actually try to accomplish things on the list.

Learn to Render Tallow

Tallow, or rendered beef fat, is one of the most multi­purpose fats you can have in your home. It can be used to tan hides, moisturize chapped hands, and even as a cooking oil. To render tallow, cut beef, deer, or other large game fat into small cubes or put through a meat grinder. Heat the fat slowly until it is almost bubbling and keep it at this temperature until it turns a deep golden brown. Turn off the heat, let it cool until it is still liquid but not hot enough to burn you, and strain. There is a great run­down of tallow making here.

Assemble an Herbal Medicine Kit

Big Pharma may not always be here for you. Why not make 2016 the year that you learn to treat common complaints with herbs, essential oils, and homemade salves? There is a list of commonly available herbs for almost every situation here to get you started in the kind of health care that has been proven over centuries of use rather than tested on gerbils.

Get Wet and Wild With an Aquaponics System

Most preppers grow some of their own food as well as fishing and hunting. Aquaponics is a way to take self­-sufficiency to the next level by growing both plants and fish together in an efficient and symbiotic system. Setting up an aquaponics system requires some time, but it is rewarding, provides complete nutrition in the event of an emergency, and can even be accomplished in small places such as an apartment. At Survive The Wild we also have an interest in aquaponics, so feel free to check out our articles on our sister site as well

Make a Big Game Slingshot

High caliber guns are the easiest way to take down big game, but not the only way. If you are ever unable to access ammo, you’ll be happy you took the time to perfect the assembly and use of a big game slingshot. Made of common household supplies (or at least supplies common in prepper households), this homemade weapon will keep you fed when other weapons are in short supply. We also made a sling bow from the same original inspiration of Dave Canterbury.

Dig Your Own Artesian Well

Water is one of our most pressing needs. Every prepper should have a plan for long term water supply. However, digging your own well is time intensive and often requires a great deal of money. Artesian wells are better suited to a homestead and provide a more reliable source of water with less labor. You can also use this method of well digging, similar to one used by American soldiers overseas. Whatever style of well you choose, make 2016 the year that you no longer need to stash cases of water for an emergency.

Create an Efficient Irrigation System

Growing enough food to feed a household is a challenge even without the issue of getting water to the fields. Indigenous people all over the world use an olla system, which creates almost no waste and reliably waters your crops just the right amount with as little labor as possible. Consider buying clay pots and making this your new method of giving plants the moisture they need with no run­off or waste.

Get Fit in Your Wilderness Gym

All the preparation in the world won’t help if you are out of shape when the SHTF. You will need incredible stamina and strength just to survive. The workout course here is easy to prepare, entirely natural, and similar to the workouts found in a Cross fit gym. Getting in better shape will not only prepare you for an emergency; it will allow you to feel better in the meantime and have fewer health problems.

Earthquake Proof Your Storage

If you live in an area that is not prone to earthquakes, you likely have no thought of how an earthquake could affect your storage. Food storage especially is often lost in the event of an earthquake. However, seismic events are not the only ones that can shake your ground; a decent storm, tornado, or bombing should knock a lot of jars off shelves.  Earthquake proofing your storage areas will ensure that your survival stash is there when you truly need it.

Make a Solar USB Charger

This fun little DIY project will leave you with a charger that can power your devices from the radiation of the sun. This is not just handy to have in case of an emergency, but great for hiking and other outdoors activity. Devices may be our only means of communication with loved ones in the event of a disaster.  So it pays to have a way to charge them without electrical wires.

These projects will not just keep you busy in 2016, but help you to enter 2017 more prepared
and more skilled in the art of survival. There are always new ways to prepare for disasters,
wars, and other world­ changing events.

Here is another bunch of projects you can do

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