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Baby Discusses Obamacare

Baby Discusses Obamacare

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Even an 18 month old baby boy knows that Obamacare was sold to us as a lie.

If it was as good for us as they say, then why aren’t they upfront with us.

What I don’t understand is how just the website cost enough to give every single American one million dollars¬† – how did they pay for that?

Oh yeah, they mortgaged my boy’s future…

This is an attempt at humor, because gallows humor is about the only thing left after this disgraceful law was passed “without having read it”.

So listen as my baby discusses obamacare with me.

I realize not everybody thinks that Obamacare is a bad thing, but statistical evidence backs up the claim that the majority of American’s are happy with their healthcare, that most without healthcare choose not to have it, and that most of the supporters only want to ensure that those that can’t get coverage are allowed to.

It seems that throwing the baby out with the bathwater is the chosen solution.

The entire argument is false and based upon a lie – it seems that the commerce clause of the US Constitution is being touted as a reason the Government can pass such sweeping legislation, but the commerce clause only impacts trade across state lines – when there is a federal law in place that says insurance cannot be sold across state lines.

The government passed a law using something they had outlawed.¬† and it only gets crazier from there…

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