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How to Make a Bottle Cap Fishing Lure

How to Make a Bottle Cap Fishing Lure


Camping: Bottle Cap Fishing Lure

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I saw this brilliant idea on YouTube and had to share it. A very smart guy figured out how to make a Bottle Cap Fishing Lure out of a discarded beer bottle caps.

He even made a business of recycling buckets of beer caps harvested from local bars until he was sued by beer manufacturers for use of their copy-written logos.

I would link to the website, but it is no longer used as the bottle cap lure guy – it looks like someone else bought it, which is a shame, as the Bottle Cap Fishing Lure is a really cool idea.

All you need is:

  • Beer/Soda bottle top
  • Split rings
  • BB’s or small split shot
  • Treble hook.
  • Tools are simple also:
  • Hammer and small nail/Drill and small bit
  • Pliers


  • Using your fingers, press the sides of the cap until it buckles
  • Before pushing the two ends together, place a couple BB’s or shot into the cavity, so that they can rattle.
  • Carefully drill or punch a hole at either end of the folded cap. It may help to slightly flatten the ends with your pliers.
  • Thread a split ring into each hole
  • Thread a Treble hook into one of the split rings
  • Go fishing…

I would love to post pictures of any catch you have gotten using this piece of DIY fishing tackle.

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