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Boxing Reflex Ball Review

Boxing Reflex Ball Review


Boxing Ball Headband Review
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I have been thinking about buying one of these boxing reflex ball headbands for a few months.  When I was WT’s age I did not do a lot of sports and never built up my hand eye coordination when it was easy to do.

I have even plotted to make my own with a tennis ball, cord, and a hat, similar to my camera hat setup.

So when Cicloop offered to let me try out their Boxing Ball on String I could not resist.

I must say, WR has had a hard time with this ball.  He is getting better.  But more importantly he enjoys it, and his mother thinks it is hilarious.

This set comes with a lot for the $12 price:

  • Silicone headband
  • 2 Boxing balls (different skill levels)
  • Spare elastic cords (2)
  • Boxing handwraps (2)
  • Carry bag to keep them altogether.

The goal is to improve hand-eye coordination with this boxing ball set.  The elastic band is supposed to be set at the length of the user’s arem and tied with a bowline.  I should have cut the cord after I set it to WT’s size.  However, I wanted to try it myself so I just wrapped it aroound the strap.  It looks funny in the video, but that is because I choose not to follow instructions.

Apparently I should have read the instructions as the balls were weighted differently to give two levels of difficulty.

I used the heavy ball, when I probably should have used the lighter one.


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