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Buying Guide: Best Scope Mounts

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It is very important that you ensure that rifles work as intended.  Owning am expensive rifle does not guaranty accurate shots. Proper quality firearm accessories play a massive role into ensuring that you weapon can give its 100% every time, there are few accessories more vital and essential to a gun than a scope mount.

Today I am posting a guest article to introduce you to the best scope mounts in the opinion of the guest author.

Benefits to using a scope mount:

Let’s start with the most primary benefit which is to actually lock and hold scope in place. A scope doesn’t come in design that lets it attach to the gun itself. So, you obviously need a mount to do that.

With a mount, the scope is securely locked inside the rings of the mount. This keeps the device put in one place no matter how to move and maneuver.

Buying Guide: best scope mounts!

1. Type of scope mount

There are many different types of scope mounts out there in use today. And the most popular choices are either a weaver style mount or a picatinny style mount.

A weaver style mount is the new craze. It has flat rails that have vertical slots and are used with Weaver style rings. These rails run under the rings and click into the crosswise slots in the bases. This is what prevents movement from recoil. A picatinny style mount is pretty identical to weaver style, except is has wider slots.

2. Material

Most scope mounts today are made out of aluminum. But steel mounts are also still in use. For a learner or beginner, we recommend aluminum mounts which is far more lightweight and inexpensive.

Best scope mounts reviews

Modkin High Profile Scope Mount

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The first mount to make it to our list of the best scope mounts is dedicated to everyone out there who is looking for a good quality mount without having to burn a hole through their wallet: the High Profile Scope Mount from Modkin.

The Modkin High Profile Scope Mount is made for scopes with a 1-inch tube diameter on a for picatinny or weaver rail that is of 20mm in size. What’s nice about this scope mount is that it features a hollowed out design between the sbest cope ring and the bottom of the base. This makes releasing super easy and yet, makes for a very tight attachment.

Speaking of which, this mount has just 1 rail clamp screw and 1 scope clamp screw on each side. All you have to do detach it is twist off the nut and you are good! And to ensure that the scope does not scratch or slide due to the impact for the shot fired from the weapon, the Modkin High Profile Scope Mount has a built-in tape in the scope ring. This keeps the scope nice and put even during hard recoil. A great plus for shooters who have 0 seconds to play around with adjusting the scope after a shot. One other thing we really like is that the scope is just 2.1 inch from the rail of your weapon. This makes re-targeting so much easier and quicker. Apart from these, it weighs less than 1.5 ounces and is made from decent quality aluminum alloy. Pretty neat for price.

Speaking of which, who doesn’t love a good deal? The Modkin High Profile Scope Mount comes in a set of 2. That’s twice the value!


  • Easy to attach and detach
  • Built-in tape; prevents scratching and sliding
  • Close to the rail
  • Set of 2
  • Includes wrench


  • Loosens after a few shots; single screw

Lirisy Dovetail Scope Mount Rings

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If you liked the value-packed nature of our first pick for the best scope mount, but are still looking for something a little more reliable, then look no further than the Lirisy Dovetail Scope Mount Rings.

The Lirisy Dovetail Scope Mount Rings, like the Modkin High Profile Scope Mount, come in a set of 2. Woohoo! This ring however is hands down a little more robust than the former.

The Lirisy Dovetail Scope Mount Ring is made for 11mmdovetail rails for a 1-inch diameter scope. Made out of high quality aluminum, has a 14mm profile and features a tape inside the ring to prevent scratches on your scope as well as hold it tight.

Speaking of which, unlike many mounts which have 1 screw on each side, this scope mount goes on to over 4 screws!

This obviously makes for a more securely held scope with minimal shifting or sliding after shots.


  • Very secured and put; 4 screws
  • Built-in tape; prevents scratching and sliding
  • Close to the rail
  • Set of 2
  • Includes wrench


  • Poorly designed threads
  • Takes a while to attach and detach

Final words

And that was everything you need to about picking out the best scope mounts! We have put together everything from a comprehensive buying guide to FAQs. But most importantly, we introduced you to detailed review of 5 of the best scope mounts so that you get a better understanding and insight of what goes into making a winner product.
With that, it’s wrap! We hope you found everything you were looking for. Thank you for staying with us. Adios!

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