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Camping Hacks, Tips, and Tricks

Camping is an awesome outdoor activities and it has its own unmatched fun and excitement.

Like every other thing, camping can be made more efficient, fun and frolicsome with some really valuable Camping hacks, tips, and tricks.

Here are 7 camping tips.

  • Test Your Gear- The gear you bought last year or probably a couple of months back and would be using them for the first time or a subsequent usage is on its way this camping trip. Whatever the case may be, test all your gear before you set up your camping sail. Fixing malfunctioning equipment can prevent a ruined trip.
  • Know Your Campsite- Although it is quite obvious that you would get all the information about your campsite beforehand still, common sense is not so common. Don’t assume.  Its helpful to know as much as possible about your campsite like- if it has showers, toilets, drinking water etc. This would help you with making your checklist for the trip; what to pack and what would not be required.
  • Researching Remote Campsite- If you are more than average adventurous and do not intend to set your tent at any of those regular campsites which give a mushy feel-at-home you need to do some extra research. The remote campsites which are far away from civilization need a thorough research on the potential dangers they may have like- animals, insects, accident-prone spots etc. This shall help you in setting your first-aid.
  • Contingency for Weather- Although the prep for a camping trip heavily depends on the season you are planning to set out, still preparing for a slight weather detour would not be too heavy to carry. Generally, it doesn’t happen at the peak of a season that the weather would take digression from its normal course, but if you camping on the end of season days, you would not like to take any kind of risk.
  • Essentials- There are a couple of essentials you should carry no matter wherever you go camping and they are- a rope preferably nylon and a duct tape. A rope is one thing you would discover has multiple uses with an amazing degree of improvisations too. A duct tape would mend things that get torn on a camping trip—a tent is one such thing in case you are wondering. Another superbly essential thing to carry on a camping trip is a Swiss knife. Buy one and you would know why. Last but not the least, do not forget to get good quality camping sleeping bags.
  • Be Known- This probably is not something that would help you on a camping trip but something that would help you in taking an action in emergencies while you are on a camping trip. Tell your neighbors and a couple of friends that you are set on a camping trip and by when you would be back. In case of any kind of uninhabited home, emergencies ask them to contact you. Make sure you are available at least on a couple of mediums- Phone, text, social media messenger, mail etc.
  • Carry Light- Camping is about living close to nature, away from all those deafening sounds, noises, and unnecessary illumination. That is true, but going too far with the urge of living in nature’s lap could get you in trouble. You need a good amount of light, especially at remote locations after the dark falls. Carry a good amount of lighting equipment like- 5 to 6 flashlights (keep a couple of them in spare), a couple of headlamps, LED lanterns etc

Improvisation is something you would love to do on a camping trip. At home, we do not need work around ideas cause for everything we have a device or an equipment. You would be more excited to plan a camping trip after you see what all you can do with seemingly trivial and wasteful things on a camping trip.

Here are 7 awesome camping tricks and hacks.

  1. Dairy jug lamp- You have a lot of lighting equipment with you that would just lighten up the place like anything. Well, how about an ambient light that spreads across the place evenly and not blotting out the view. All you need to do is strap that headlamp around a milk/dairy jar with reflector facing the wall of the jar. Turn on the light and there you get your homely night lamp!
  2. Tick repellent- Whatever you do, there are some enduring insects like ticks that are never going to give up on sucking you. Instead of spending on a tick deterrent, you simply make a more effective solution at your home. Put one part of tea tree oil and mix it with two parts of water. Now spray this solution onto trousers, shirts, socks, shoes and other clothes. The ticks would off the whole camping trip.
  3. Waterproof matchbox- instead of carrying the usual cardboard matchboxes, which are always prone to get wet, you could make your own waterproof matchbox. Paste a sandpaper on the lid of a similar-sized plastic box and cover the lid. Your matches are safe inside, from the water. Although you would have to save the sandpaper from water, you can carry some extra sandpaper. Use strike-anywhere matches.
  4. Tic Tac spices- On a camping trip you don’t need to carry along the whole home and that is why you waste a lot of money and time on buying storage items which are small and handy. Well, nothing could beat the seemingly waste Tic Tac boxes that can store a lot of spices which would last the whole camping trip.
  5. Soap leaves- Camping teaches us utilizing the resources in the best possible way. One such way is using soap leaves instead of the whole soap. Peel a soap with a vegetable peeler and you would thin wafer-like layers of soap. These soap leaves could be used by multiple people and are great for one-time use. Soap leaves also give relief from the itchiness caused by mosquito bites.
  6. Improvised tap water dispenser- The empty detergent dispenser could be put to a great use on a camping trip. Save on anything you plan to buy to dispense tap water. Just fill the empty detergent dispenser with water and place it on one side.
  7. Portable washing machine– You don’t want to do the dirty laundry on a camping trip, rather you don’t have anything to do it. Well, there is no hassle to carry a plunger and a paint bucket in case you want a quick wash for your dirty laundry on a camping trip. All you need to do is, cut the rubber cup at the bottom and insert the handle through the hole on the lid of the bucket making it an agitator. Fill it up with water, dump the clothes and add some detergent. Move the plunger clockwise and anti-clockwise to wash the laundry.

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Danny Smith is CEO and Founder of Australia Wide Annexes and Xtend Outdoors, which manufactures and sell Rv awnings, Rv rooms and outdoor accessories. He just love rving holidays and frequently blog about rv and camping trips, parks and tips.





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