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Canned Bologna Review


Gear Review: Canned Bologna

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Canned Bologna is something that I saw on a Facebook video and thought “no, it can’t be” and then forgot about it until I was coming back from the land and had an impulse to run into the dollar tree and see if such a thing really existed.

Once I got it home I stuck it in the food storage pantry until I had a urge to try it out.

Yes Canned Bologna does exist, and yes, it is not as good as regular bologna, but it is edible, it is cheap, and it does store well so  think it has a place in a food storage plan.

It is not sliced, is pretty salty, and is made of mechanically separated chicken, which means the left over chicken carcass was ground into a paste and shot through a fine metal sieve to catch all the solid bone bits – which is not appetizing but it is how bologna is made…

At least the ingredient list for Canned Bologna is short and rather simple.

It is better cooked, but not easily sliced equally.  I think sliding it out upside down and using the can as a spacer to slide the knife may get you equal slices – or not – I didn’t want to waste time trying.


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