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How To (How I Did)

You could call this a How To – but people often tell me I did it wrong – now to be fair you can’t really tell me I can’t do it that way, when the video shows I actually DID do it that way – so to cool down the hateraide – lets just call this HOW I DID

Weaving a Handle for a Messenger Bag Using the Portuguese Sinnet

How to Weave a Handle Using the Portuguese Sinnet

Being an EDC (everyday carry) kind of guy, especially one that’s a fan of MacGyver and 24, it should be no surprise that I normally carry a messenger bag. I know its not the coolest thing in the world for a guy to carry a purse, even if it has such nifty names as Jack Pack or Bauer Bag. My lovely bride calls it my murse a lovely portmanteau of Man-Purse.

Modification of the Cold Steel Bird and Trout Neck Knife

Modification of the Cold Steel Bird and Trout Neck Knife

Recently while working outside I misplaced my CKRT Neck Peck neck knife. This was a huge loss for me as I really like having a neck knife, its easy to carry, and always there. I do know that there is a lot of tactical questions about a neck knife, especially from a ground fighting perspective, but as a middle aged fat guy that works from a desk, I doubt I will be ground fighting near as much as I will be cutting open packages….