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Carrying Concealed Weapons


Book Review: Carrying Concealed Weapons

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Ahern brings more than two decades of concealed carry writing experience (and more than a quarter century of actually carrying concealed weapons on a daily basis) to his new book

This is the definitive “how-to” book giving step-by-step, illustrated instructions on how to carry concealed weapons and how to know when others are as well. Sound advice and alternatives are provided from choosing your weapon, to body language, to holsters, to clothing restrictions, ankle and leg carry options, off-body carry, fanny packs, and much more.

This book also provides information on concealed storage of weapons, spotting techniques, concealing larger weapons and alertness. With the passage of laws permitting the carrying of concealed weapons being adopted by more and more states, CCW: Carrying Concealed Weapons is “must” reading for anyone contemplating the necessity of going about armed in today’s increasingly unsafe world.

CCW: Carrying Concealed Weapons is a book that I have used several times when teaching firearm courses, I recommend it to all firearm instructors for their library, as well as to all people that have decided to take their own personal protection seriously by carrying concealed firearms.

I recommend this book as a good basic guide to carrying firearms unseen.


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