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Recipe: Cheesy Bread

Recipe: Cheesy Bread

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This wonderful recipe sets the lie to the idea that you can pick any two cheap, fast, and good.  My cheesy bread is fast, good, and cheap.

Making Cheesy Bread is simple:

  • Simply take a loaf of bread (I like the dollar loves from the bakery) and score it halfway through in 1/2 inch cross hatching.
  • Next pull the cuts apart and fill with cubed cheese.  Add Lardon (thickly chopped bacon) to the cheese.
  • Lastly I like to lightly spread chopped chives or green onion to the top of my cheesy bread.
  • To cook, just throw it in a preheated oven – I use around 425 and bake the bread for 10 minutes or so until the bread lightly toasts and the cheese melts.

Once this comes out of the oven the boy and I tear it apart.  The cheese and bacon tastes wonderful and the bread soaks it all in.

As I write this, I want to go make me a dose of this cheesy bread right now.

I used this once in a casting video for a show.  It helped get me into consideration, but in the end I lost out.  I am not too disappointed because I would have had to quit my job to be on a yearlong show that only lasted 2 months.


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