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How to Use a Contour Camera as a Dashcam


Gear Review: Contour Camera as a Dashcam

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I recently bought a contour camera so I could take some videos of things normal camera’s could not do – like an underwater shot of a Glock firing while submerged.

When I got the camera I was pleased.  Unfortunately, the audio quality just isn’t good enough to use as a go to camera for all my videos.

However, using one of the mounts that came with the camera I noticed that it would make a good dash-cam.  It only needs to be turned on to record, it is small, and has GPS built in.

I Hate the Fish Eye Lens

The fish-eye lens as described in the camera review post makes it more usable as an action camera, which, in turn makes it work well as a Dash camera.

I like this set up as it is easy to turn on, easy to adjust, and the contour transmits to my phone which makes it easy to see that it going on.

The idea it to make car “rant” videos where YoutTubers talk about things, however:

  • I am only in the car long enough to do a video like that on my way back and forth to work so I can’t do that in uniform.
  • Nobody likes those kinds of videos.

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