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Ditch Medicine

Book Review: Ditch Medicine

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Anyone can go online and order sutures, quick clot, and fish antibiotics, and a quick trip to the co-op can net you all sorts of neat medical trinkets. If your willing to spend the money you can buy all sorts of high adventure medical kits, or military medic kits, but knowing how to use them is another thing altogether.  That is where Ditch Medicine: Advanced Field Procedures For Emergencies fits in.

Ditch Medicine’s author, Hugh Coffee as been in emergency medicine since 1985 – and has been a swat medic for the last 10 years. He spends a lot of time training medics to deal with trauma in austere situations.

If you are prepping for some catastrophic disaster – either general or specific, and you are storing beans, and bullets, you know you cannot neglect the bandages.

This book gives a great selection of techniques and procedures for dealing with wounds. It is also a lot easier to read, and infinitely better illustrated than such classics as Emergency War Surgery this book needs a spot on your prepper bookshelf, but that spot needs to be worn out by you consistently studying this book. While things like suturing are very clearly shown in this book, I believe I would punch any person that tried to stitch me up with a needle in one hand a book in the other.

Buy this book, study it, practice skills like suturing on oranges to grasp them BEFORE they are needed, and then keep this as a refresher/reference for those times when you do not have the luxury of 911 or a emergency room.

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