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How to Make Soda Bottle Plastic Rope


DIY: Plastic Rope

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I have the cutter pictured but in this video I try to save money and make my own bottle cutter to make plastic rope.

The first time I saw this it was from one of those crazy Russians.  I think all their hacking videos have confused people politically, but this hack works pretty good.

The idea is that you can use a razor and a jig to cut strips of plastic from a PET plastic soda bottle.  These strips are long threads of DIY plastic rope.

The plastic is very strong and will shrink under heat.  This makes it excellent for repair and lashing projects.

The video above shows my DIY cutter, but I find my purchased one works better.

Now, I do make a percentage from a sale as an amazon affiliate but I do want to tell you that the jig sold in the picture is pretty simple to make and at $40.00 you can click onthe link and look at the bottom of the amazon page and find other plastic rope cutters for much less.

This is a concept that once you understand the process a thinking person can easily figure out other ways of accomplishing the mission.

The goal is to always be able to make string from something that normally just fills up the landfill.

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