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Don’t Say Bawk Bawk

Don't Say Bawk Bawk

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l don’t imagine anyone else is interested in my Don’t say Bawk Bawk Bawk video, but this is one of my favorite videos I have ever made.  My son wanted to sit on a riding lawn mover I have just bought that was sitting in the back of my truck.

When the chickens started clucking and crowing he decided he needed to be the boos of something and told them “Don’t say Bawk Bawk Bawk”

I keep this hear because I like to watch it and because when I am working at the computer trying to keep up with this website and my son feels left out he will climb all over me and showing him this video makes him laugh.  Of course it also means I have to listen to a 4 year old say “Don’t say Bawk Bawk Bawk” about a hundred times and ask me questions about chickens and goats, and that he wants a dog, and when can he go to the land and hunt dinosaurs with a “real gun”.

Fun times, and I would not miss it for the world.  But it is also why I am sitting here at 145 am working on updating this website so I can get a little work done.

I could probably change the name of this post to something more catchy, but bawk bawk is an easy to search for term that I don’t forget and the computer does not get confused.

Little W.T. can easily ask to see the bawk bawk video and I know exactly what he wants.

I do worry, slightly, about him becoming vain from how much he likes watching himself on camera, but I am told it is a normal reaction of him wanting to be like me.  Personally I hope he turns out a lot better than me.  I know I stay busy trying to teach him all the stuff I wish I was taught as a kid.

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