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2 Classic Examples of Basic Cons People Still Fall For

Examples of Cons and Scams

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In today’s post I wanted to give you some examples of common cons and scams.  I find that you don’t have to have an encyclopedia of knowledge on the different types of cons and scams as long as you keep in mind that it is impossible to cheat an honest man.

If something seems to be too good of a price, or too good to be true then it is.

That being said, I do enjoy learning new things, and I am amazed at the resourcefulness of those trying to get rich quick.  The effort put into scams could make someone rich if they just worked like everyone else.

The Pigeon Drop Con

A person approaches you and says that he just found a large amount of money. What should he do with it? Maybe his “boss” can suggest something. He then leaves to check with his “boss” and comes back a few minutes later. His boss said to divide the money, but first, each of you must put up some, “good faith money”. Once you hand over your share, you’ll never see it or the con artist again.

The Bank Examiner

A con artist will contact you and tell you he is a bank official or police officer and that he needs your help to catch a dishonest bank teller. All you have to do is withdraw your savings and give the money to him so he can check the serial numbers. IF you do, you’ve been “stung”. A real bank official would NEVER ask you to withdraw your money.

Is it hard to believe that people fall for such tricks? Con artists may be the greatest actors you’ll ever meet. The pigeon drop and the bank examiner schemes are two of the most successful con games around. Don’t be fooled. CALL THEIR BLUFF BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE.

People Fall for Manipulation all the Time.

When I left emergency management I went back to the prison system.  Currently I work a an instructor teaching new employees how to become effective officers.  Part of that is hardening them against falling for these types of manipulation tricks.  Inmates will do almost anything to trick naive individuals into breaking the rules in their benefit.  I even have a con game video from the national institute of corrections that shows an inmate bragging about the steps he takes to trick and con staff.

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