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Fabric Sun Shield for Your Car Review

Gear Review: Fabric Sun Shield for Your Car

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Since I work at a prison, a large sun shade like this is frowned upon – you don’t want anything that can hide what is going on in your car.  That is okay,though, because I did not ask to review this sun shade to use AS a sun shade.  I asked for this fabric sun shield to prevent the trees at my house from dropping sap on my windshield and making it hard to see.  I also got it so that I would not have to scrape my windshield free of ice this winter.

This is a pretty simple design, and is pretty easy to use.

I tried to put on one side at a time.  That did not work well.  However, when I used the hook and elastic band on the fabric sun shield to clip to by rear driver tire and set the driver mirror in the shield’s mirror pocket, I could easily clip the hook to the passenger front tire.  After that, it was a simple process to hook the other two straps in place.

I like the window pocket, and I love how big it is.  The sun shield covers the side windows of my cube completely.  It also covers my large dodge pickup as well.  I like the fabric and the shiny exterior and soft interrior looks like it would reflect a lot of sun without scratching my car.

I don’t like the stitching, and some amazon reviews talked about this.  I also did not like the plastic tire clips.

However, at $13.00 I think it is a good product, and someone with a sewing machine can easily strengthen this cover into a great tool.  Its worth it so I don’t have to scrape ice in the winter mornings.

I got this fabric sun shield in return for posting a review on my site.

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