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Feyachi FL14 Mlok Flashlight Review

image of the Feyachi FL14 Mlok FlashlightI have had this Mlok flashlight for a couple of months and it has exceeded my expectations.  When I was offered to review this I did not expect much.  I felt it was in the area of high level airsoft or low level rifle.  While I still believe this, it has worked well and endured quite a bit of everyday wear.  Especially as my son spends a lot of time in the prone dry firing and otherwise handling this AR.  He is only 7 so there are a lot of non-duty related bumps and bruises involved.

My rail is set up for Keymod attachments, so this Mlok flashlight didn’t go on as smoothly, but with a little finesse it did mount securely.

I prefer having a weapon light on my defensive guns, and not much else besides maybe a optic.  Statistics and my mode of use suggest that if I have to ever shoot someone it will be at night.  This means I want to be able to identify not only the bad guy, but what is behind them.

You read horror stories of homeowners shooting their children when they sneak in at night and are mistaken for an intruder.  I can’t imagine the horror of going through that and a light will go a long way toward preventing that kind of tragedy.

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