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Twod Flip Up Back Up Iron Sights Review

Twod Flip Up Back Up Iron Sights
Twod Flip Up Back Up Iron Sights
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I am not really very trusting of knock off weapons sights for serious guns.  However, so far I am pretty pleased with these sub $20 Flip Up Back Up Iron Sights.

I have to admit that if they weren’t for my golf ball launcher I probably would not have tried them at all, but so far they are very solid.

The Front and rear sights lock positively in the folded and deployed positions.

I don’t detect any noticeable wobble when I grab them and push them around.

Flip up iron sights back up iron sights (BUIS) will never be as rock solid as the old M16A2 carry handle sights, but these are plenty strong for the money.

This is especially true with sights costing less that $19.00.  However, I find that if you have realistic expectations and a tiny budget, these sights do a good job.

Here are some features of the Flip Up Back Up Iron Sights from Twod.

  • Spring assist mechanism flips sight into upright position easily, manually folds down with the help of button on the side.
  • Front sight is adjustable for elevation using a A2 front sight tool. Compatible with most Picatinny rails.
  • Faster target acquisition with dual apertures. The dual aperture rear sight is adjustable for windage.
  • Low profile folding design of the sight reduces snag and interference with other equipment.
  • Non-rust anodized aircraft-grade aluminum construction provides strength and durability. Light weight

I think these are meant for airsoft guns, and I would not put these on a serious defensive gun, but that does not mean they can’t have a place in my safe.  Not every gun is a defense tool.  That is not to say a safe queen or a plinker can’t be used defensively.  The gun I have these sights on is a adult toy that I use to launch golf balls and PVC pipe caps.



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