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Wireless Doorbell Home Kit With Over 50 Chimes Review

Gear Review: Wireless Doorbell Home Kit With Over 50 Chimes


Wireless Doorbell

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I needed a wireless doorbell to put down by the gate at my land.  Since this one says it will transmit up to 900 feet line of site or 200-700 feet normally and I am only about 150 feet from gate to shipping container I thought this may work.

Of course, that 150 feet is up and over a forested hill and into a metal conex.  If it doesn’t make the distance I won’t be a surprise.  If so, I will simply put this thing at my backdoor where the delivery guys drop packages at my house.

This wireless doorbell is simple to set up, simply plug it in and remove the battery insulating strip from the transmitter, and press the button on the transmitter to pair the devices.

It has 52 different chimes, from the default ding dong, to music, to animals, and a police siren.  It also has 4 levels of volume.

to select the chime, scroll through to find the one you want and then press and hold the volume button for 5 seconds.

That is pretty easy.

The instructions says the receiver can pair with up to four transmitters, and the transmitters can pair with more than one receiver.

It also says you can get motion detectors and door alarms, but the company I am reviewing says they do not sell them and I can’t find them, otherwise I would have gotten a couple.

I did get this wireless doorbell free in exchange for the review, but I was actually looking for one to buy, and this one seems like it is a good balance of design and cost.  I would recommend it.


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