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How to Be Safe in the Dorm During a Hurricane

How to Be Safe in the Dorm During a Hurricane

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A hurricane is a storm with winds of more than 72 mph accompanied by heavy rain. Hurricanes are life threatening especially if they get you unprepared. Just like any other disasters, hurricanes can get you at any time no matter where you are.

College students are more affected when hurricanes hit their schools. When the meteorologists forecast a hurricane is about to hit, the school students are forced to evacuate. Sometimes forecasts are inaccurate, and the hurricane may hit when everyone is unprepared.

Hurricanes can occur when students are in college dorms. This can be the terrifying moment as you may not know what to do to rescue yourself. Knowing what to do and what not to can help save your life.  Learn how to be safe in the dorm during a Hurricane,

The school must set up school emergency plans to save a student’s life during disasters. For hurricanes, the school can ask the students to go home.

Other emergency plans include:

  1. Installing hurricane shutters in the windows
  2. Emergency alerts
  3. Make sure the drainage system is working
  4. Set a safe location where students are safer
  5. The school should also talk about the hurricanes in details to help calm the students fear.
  6. The school should communicate with parents and let them know how safe their students are.

Below is a list of tips will help a student before, during and after hurricanes

Preparation before hurricane strikes

Forecasts from meteorologists can show hurricanes are about to strike. There are these simple things you can do in preparation for the hurricane to have you safe.

Evacuate and go home.

Hurricanes only affect a given region. When your school has been confirmed that it is most likely to be struck by a hurricane your home isn‘t likely to be affected unless you’re based near the school. The school administration is likely to evacuate the school. Going home keeps you will be far to feel the effects of the hurricane. Remember taking all your valuables with you as leaving them behind is risking.

Unplug all power cords and cover electronic equipment with plastic bags to lower damages as a result of water.

If you are not to evacuate the school, there are some things you will need to do.

  1. Move all furniture away from windows. All loose objects on the floor like books should be removed and kept on drawers. Take away any outdoor furniture, decor, garbage and lawn supplies that can blow away during heavy winds.
  2. Clean and fill water buckets with clean water. When there is a strong hurricane water supply is likely to be damaged. You will need clean water even after the hurricane as you wait for the water supply system to be repaired.
  3. Close all windows in the dormitory. Few days before the hurricane you can ask the school administration to install hurricane shutters.
  4. Look for a flashlight as the power may be affected leading to blackouts. You can also look for backup options such as power banks to charge your phone.
  5. If you own a car make sure to park it in the assigned area with all windows closed and doors locked.

During the hurricane

  1. Stay indoors. When in a dormitory during the hurricanes advisable to stay indoor until when the hurricane calms. Make sure all the doors and windows are closed. Stay away from danger areas like skylights, glass windows, and doors. Tree branches and flying debris can catapult through the window or door, breaking the glass and hitting you. Don’t open the window or door to look at what is happening outside.
  2. Avoid using elevators. Hurricanes are accompanied with destructions of infrastructures. The power supply is affected, expect power failure at any time. Elevators only work in the presence of power when power fails they lock themselves.
  3. When floods threaten to enter into the dorm power off the electricity at the breaker. Cover all electrical equipment with plastic bags and make sure to unplug all power cords.
  4. Don’t take a bath, make phone calls or use electrical devices as they may attract lightning during a storm.
  5. Avoid hurricane parties. They are only in movies. During hurricanes taking alcohol is risking your life. You need to think clearly as anything can happen at any time.

After the hurricane

  1. Stay away from standing water. Due to the destruction of the power supply, there may be some power lines in the water. The water may be electrically charged. Do not touch trees or any other object that is in contact with power lines.
  2. Do not drink tap water until the water supply has been repaired. This water if the pipe was broken at some point will be contaminated and harmful to your body.
  3. Report to the administration the areas that need to be repaired to avoid further damages and injuries.

*I did not write this post, as I never lived in a dorm during a hurricane.  I have lived in a Barracks during a hurricane.  However, my hurricane steps were to get a bunch of alcohol and to tie a bunch of ponchos together and make a sled out of the hood of an old truck and try parasailing down the main road to the French Creek Barracks Area of Camp Lejuene.

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