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How to Make a Zeer Pot

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Today’s project on how to make a zeer pot is something I wanted to do for some time, it is a cheap way of providing some level of refrigeration in very hot climates.

It is also an example of how preppers can learn from appropriate technology supporters as well as missionaries to third world countries.

Zeer Pot technology is used in some very poor countries to reduce food spoilage. It is also the technology behind Latin American ceramic water crocks called Olas which provide cool drinking water in hot arid conditions.

All a zeer pot is a simple fridge made of local materials. It is one earthenware pot set inside another, with a layer of wet sand in between. As the moisture evaporates it cools the inner pot, keeping up to 12kg of fruit and vegetables fresher for longer.

When I saw my local co-op had ceramic pots on sale, I grabbed a few and went to Lowes for some play sand.

My nephew and I stopped up the hole in the large pot with some tape, threw in a layer of sand, inserted the smaller pot, and had a good time filling the space between with sand.

We then put a thermometer in the small pot, poured some water in the sand, and covered the whole thing with a wet towel.

We did get a measurable decrease in temperature, but as it was very humid (and began to rain) we just could not get enough evaporation to make a huge difference. I have seen many people get temperature differences of up to 20 degrees using such a simple device.

During the Crusades, Saladin were able to use this technology (along with specially designed shade buildings) to get ice in the desert which greatly impressed King Richard.

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