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How To Prepare Your Outdoor Shed for a Storm

How To Prepare Your Outdoor Shed for a Storm

As the weather changes and the fall tornado season approaches, it’s never too early to start prepping yourself and your outdoor space for a storm. If you own an outdoor shed, you most likely store items of some importance. Whether it be your motorcycle, tools, or garden supplies, you should protect your shed from high winds and heavy rainfall.

To keep your shed intact, here are a few tips on preparing your outdoor shed for a storm to ensure that all your items are safe and sound.

Clean Around Your Shed

Just as you would prepare your backyard for your shed’s delivery, you also want to clean the space around your shed. This includes cutting down any limbs or trees that could be a threat to your home and your shed. You should check your shed’s foundation to ensure that the shed is still holding up steadily, and that there aren’t any indications of damage that can worsen during a storm. This is also the perfect time to repair and seal any windows or doors that might have been previously damaged in high winds or heavy rain.

Clean Your Shed’s Gutters and Drains

Many owners forget to clear their shed’s gutters and drains during regular maintenance. However, checking and cleaning your shed’s gutters and drains is important to ensure they won’t overflow during the storm. It’s also important to check them because pests and small animals can make nests in your gutters and downpipes.

Clear Out Your Shed

Another way to prepare your shed for a storm is to clean it out. You want to clear your shed of anything a storm could damage. If you use your shed as an office or hangout spot, you should take any electronics out of your shed to prevent damage. Clear out your shed of plants or seeds and store them in a dry, safe area.

Secure Your Windows

Securing your windows is the most important thing you need to do when prepping your outdoor shed for a storm. If you don’t seal your windows and protect them, you could potentially let water in, or the windows could break. To prevent damage, seal your windows and cover them with a tarp.

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