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iPhone Fast Charging Cable Review

iPhone Fast Charging Cable
iPhone Fast Charging Cable

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My family is hard on charging cables, we go through a lot of them.  I also get a lot of them to review.  Frankly I like the multiple function charging cables the best.  However, they aren’t all that sturdy and sometimes you just need a good old fashioned strong cable.  This is especially true with the cables I use at the house.

Speed of charging is also an issue in out highly connected lifestyle so I wanted to try out this new iPhone fast charging cable.

We have an outlet on either side of our living room couch that have built in USB ports, and they keep cables plugged in 24/7/365.  These cables take a lot of abuse as they boy keeps tugging on them.  They also get tangled up a lot.

This iPhone cable is both strong and Fast

The connections are zinc and are said to last 5 times as long as typical chargers.  I also like how thick the cords are.  They are pure copper the company claims they charge phones 30% faster because they are very efficent in transferring power.

The cords are also rubberized which makes them tougher and less prone to tangling.

In total, I am pleased with these cables.  I haven’t had them long enough to see just how tough they are, but I have high hopes.

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