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Everyday Carry Items for the Connected Individual


Everyday Carry Items for the Connected Individual is about electronics and connectivity.  In the post below you will see all manner of portable chargers, cables, adapters, small electronic devices, and things that make the modern technophile’s life easier.

I never seem to have the right charging cable, adapter or memory card when I am out doing something in the field.

In order never have to stop shooting videos, I started collecting different charging cables and battery packs to ensure that I always had power and could connect my devices together

I doubt any single person would find use for every item on this list, but since nobody’s needs are the same I wanted to give you lots of options.

Personally, I haven’t tried every item on this list, but there are a few items on here that I swear by, others that I wish I owned, and a few that I just think are neat.

Like all my other posts, you can click the picture to view this item on Amazon.  I do make a small commission if you purchase from this link, but it does not cost you any more money and the commissions pay for the hosting of this site and a small amount of the time it takes to find the information I share here.


APEMAN Action Camera 1080P Full HD Waterproof Sport Camera



Black Square Technologies Enigma



Corsair Flash Survivor Stealth 16gb Usb 3.0 Flash Drive



Titanium One Portable SSD – 120 GB



Mini Digital Camera with 3 Inch TFT LCD Display



US-KEY Portable Lightning Keychain Charging Cable



Bluetooth Tracker Keychain



Keyprop: Keychain Tripod



Yowosmart Short Lightning to USB Key Charger Cable



Seeshine Multifunctional 3 in 1 Lighting USB Cable Keychain


(I ordered this as soon as I saw it, once it arrives we will see how it works)


goTenna Mesh SMS & GPS Device


(goTenna Mesh pairs to your phone and enables it to privately relay texts and GPS locations between other goTenna devices, up to 4 miles in range. )


XY4+ Key Finder



Sony ICDPX370 Mono Digital Voice Recorder with Built-in USB



16GB Digital Voice Recorder



Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8 Edge Charger! Adaptive Fast Charger



Anker PowerCore 5000, Ultra-Compact 5000mAh External Battery


(I bought this for the wife, she loved it, then promptly lost it the cavern of junk that is her purse)


K-TOR Pocket Socket Hand Crank Generator Portable Power Supply 10 Watts 120 Volts


(They also make a larger pedal kit that can be bolted down, but its too big for EDC)


Universal Mobile Phone Stand



Anker 8-in-1 USB 3.0 Portable Card Reader


(I have one plugged in to the computer as I write this, it works well)


USB card reader Micro USB OTG to USB 2.0 Adapter


(I keep one in my camera bag just in case)


Metal Braided Multi USB Charging Cable


(I like these multi charging cables I have reviewed several

Lightning to USB Cable Charging Bracelet


(Stylish and a little James bond – covert cables – cool)


Kingston Digital 32GB DataTraveler


(This is the best flash drive I have owned, I keep it on my keys so I can’t lose.  I modified it for my KeySmart key bar)


Solar Charger 24000mAh Portable Power Bank



iWALK Battery Charger Portable Power Bank with Lightning Cable Built in


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