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Kiln Construction

Book Review: Kiln Construction
Book Review: Kiln Construction

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Kiln Construction can be a daunting prospect, with the potential for numerous missteps along the way.

This book aims to give confidence to those who seek to build their own kilns. Kiln Construction is a user-friendly guide that offers a thorough grounding in the basics of construction and also in-depth examinations of three kiln types—gas, oil, and woodfired—with diagrams and photos showing every step in the process.

These designs have been thoroughly tried and tested and are in regular use by well-known potters. Comprehensive information on methods, materials, fuels, and kiln furniture is provided as well.

Emphasizing practicality at every step in the process, this book will aid potters who are ready to build their own kilns and wish to gain both a greater understanding of kilns and more control and flexibility in their work. This approach will help readers navigate the difficult but rewarding process of kiln building.

I have some clay in a bank on my land, I found it while working on developing a spring, and at some point I plan on using this book in my own personal kiln construction, of course I need a round tuit, and a cabin out their first.

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