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Kitchen Knife Safety Tips: How to use Knives like a pro

Kitchen Knife Safety Tips: How to use Knives like a pro

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One common item that you will find in every kitchen is at least one knife. There are different kinds of knives in cutlery sets, and each particular knife has a different function altogether.  Popular kitchen knives being boning knife, bread knife, chef’s knife, but there are other specialty kinds also.

Similarly, you will find different pocket knives as well that can easily fit in your pocket and have more than one blade. Some of the best pocket knives include Tac Force TF-705S assisted opening and Case Mother of Pearl Mini Copperlock. Though there are different knives available for different purposes.  Most safety tips for all types of knives are the same. A person needs to have some proper training in order to ensure that there is no risk of injuries while using a knife.

Below are some of the best kitchen knife safety tips so that the use of knives becomes completely safe and you are able to use a knife just like a pro chef.

A Sharp Knife is the Best Knife

You may not believe it but most of the injuries that occur while using a knife is when you are using a dull knife. Thus it is always advised that one should use a sharp knife for whatever purpose the knife is being used. Whether it’s a kitchen knife or a survival knife, a sharp knife is the best one.

When you are using a dull knife, you tend to apply more force so that you are able to cut properly. In doing so, there are chances that the knife may slip and increase the likelihood of an injury. It is advised that a knife sharpener should be used in order to maintain the original knife blade.

Use Different Knives for Different Jobs

Not all knives are the same and not all tasks that you do with a knife area same. For a different purpose, there are different types of knives available. Hence selecting the correct knife for a particular job is important.  This reduces the chances of any injury and the job can be well executed.

For example, you cannot use a bread knife if you want to cut a large piece of meat.  This task requires a butcher knife for that purpose and vice-versa.

Always Use a Chopping Board

One of the most common mistakes that people do while using a knife is to cut any food or fruit in their hands. There is a high risk involved in it if you are doing so. It is highly advised that no one should cut anything in their hands with a knife. A proper cutting board should be used where all the food and fruits should be cut.

Cutting anything in your hands can increase the risk of injury.  This is especially true if you are using a dull knife. Also one should use a large cutting board so that more space is available.

Proper Storage of Knives

Knives can be dangerous if you leave them around like anything. And if you have children in your house or surroundings, then this should be the last thing that you should be doing. Knives should be kept in a proper designated space so that it becomes easier to use when you need them.

Putting them in a drawer with other cutlery items can be extremely dangerous and should be avoided at any cost. A good knife holder that can hold different types of knives should be used so that accessing them becomes easier. These knife holders also protect your knives from contaminants and increase the age of your knives as well.

Frequent Cleaning of Knives

In order to protect your knives from any contaminants, one should always clean the knives thoroughly rather than leaving them on the cutting board or in the sink. Once the knives are washed, they should be stored properly in the designated space and should not be left around anywhere else.

Also, knives should be washed and cleaned separately from the other cutlery items that are washed. The main reason is to protect the edges of the knife that can be hampered if you are washing it with other cutlery items.

There are some of the tips that can help you to use knives like a pro irrespective of the use. Knives can be really dangerous and using it carefully can help reduce the risk of injuries.

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