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The More You Know the Less You Carry


The More You Know the Less You Carry
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I got my start with bushcraft as a child living on a state park.  The man in the video above is Mors Kochanski who is a internationally known bushcrafter.

He popularized the idea of the more you know the less you carry.  I am sharing this video to explain a very important concept for preppers.

My conversations with new preppers that talk about their bug out plans and how much ammo they plan on carrying.  It is not uncommon for people to tell me that they keep a pistol, a backup pistol, a shotgun and an AR (or SKS or AK) and 200 rounds each in their car in case they have to get out of dodge.

Now that’s not terribly unrealistic in a car, but next they tell me that they plan on EMP and trying to hike home or to their bug out location 15 or twenty miles away.

I doubt those guys have every tried to walk a distance with 800 rounds, but I carry that much around on the range all the time to issue ammo – I don’t like carrying that 10 feet, much less 10 miles.

Let us be realistic in our plans, let’s think about all aspects of preparedness and not just stop at what we think is cool.

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