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Maginon Hi Definition Spotting Scope Review

Today I would like to show the Maginon Spotting scope.  this is a variable spotting scope with a 60mm lens and adjusts for 20-60 times magnification.

It has a dual focus wheel allows you to quickly fine tune the focus and the field of view is between 32-17 meters at 1000 meters.

I could do a dry in the house table review of the scope, but my son has decided that any rifle with a scope is a sniper rifle and he wants to learn to shoot sniper rifles like he does on call of duty.  Therefore, I decided to take him out shooting and use the scope while training the boy.

Unfortunately, video games have made my boy trend into know it all land.  He thinks because he plays army games he knows how to shoot.  I can;t get him to use good cheek weld or to follow through with his shots, but with his mamma on the scope, we had a good time and eventually walked his shots to minute of coke can.

As I mentioned in the video, I like the included 5.17ft collapsible tripod because it is the same model as the one I bought at the camera section of Walmart – so I have more than one tripod and multiple methods of attachment.

The padded storage bage is also a nice touch, it really helped when having a 6 year old help carry everything into the woods.

Lastly, if you have a 6 year old shooter, the scope comes with a 3 year warranty on all Maginon products.

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