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How to Make Homemade Mint Extract

How to Make Homemade Mint Extract

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Mint extract is a lot like my sweet tea vodka article. I got the idea on how to make homemade mint extract from the ladies at mylittlehomestead and you can definitely learn from them. Mostly watch them for their building videos, but I am entertained by their family energy.

Besides a little on winemaking, this site doesn’t have a lot of projects with alcohol, its less than 1% of my total posts, but alcohol is amazingly useful when used appropriately.

Its pretty easy to make this mint extract recipe

  • Pluck the leaves from your mint.  You don’t want stems
  • Fill a mason jar with the leaves
  • Top off the jar with a neutral spirit.  I used vodka, but moonshine, ever-clear, or white rum would work.
  • Next, Close the jar tightly and store in a cool place for a couple of months
  • Then, Shake the jar every couple of weeks
  • Lastly, strain out the leaves

Store extract in a tightly closed container in a cool dark place.  You could use this in the homemade mouthwash I showed a while back.  Or you could use it with your homemade sweet tea vodka for some designer drink.  Of course, most people would just use this in cooking.

I have heard that this has medicinal uses for after meal bloating, but since I am noty a doctor I will let you decide that for yourself.

One thing I like to do with my mint extract is to add it to cucumber water for a refreshing no-sugar summer drink. For a diabetic that doesn’t like plain water, this is quite helpful.  Just remember it does have alcohol content so don’t overdo it and then jump on a tractor.  Now, with the alcohol content, this would go well with cocktails.  I reviewed a nice copper Moscow mule mug that would benefit from some minty concoction.

Whatever you do, don’t add hot chocolate to a copper mug, the heat transfer properties will burn your mouth, but with a proper ceramic mug, hot chocolate with a dash of DIY mint extract would be very nice on a cold winter morning.

Personally, I don’t care how you use this Homemade Mint Extract, My goal is that you find this post useful.  It is my hope you visit the guys over at my little homestead.  I really enjoy their videos.

Just be careful how long you steep the leaves and to ensure the process is done in a cool dark place.  To long, to hot, or to bright tends to make the finished product bitter.


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