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Modified Burpees


Modified Burpees
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In this video my wife shows a technique to modify the burpee and mountain climber exercises for those that are not physically conditioned enough to do the technique correctly.

She uses a chair to help as she shows the modified burpees exercise.

The reason someone modifies the exercise is not because they are lazy, it is actually the opposite.  A person modifies when they are attempting to do something they cannot do in order to better themselves.

The modify the technique to make it doable, and as they progress and become better and more physically fit they eventually are able to do the unmodified technique.  At that point they stop doing modified burpees and actually perform the exercise correctly.

In the space of a year Genny has gone from modifying everything to performing all the exercises correctly.  Her body has changed shape, she is more confident, and is a much happier person.  I am proud of her, and a little jealous of her determination.

She is not a new person but she is a better version of herself.  It is not because of her looks, but the way her stronger body makes her feel.  When she began this process she kept calling it a lifestyle change and I did not believe her.  I do now.


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