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Nerf Gun Target Pouch Review


Nerf Gun Target

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What does a Nerf Gun Target Pouch have to do with preparedness?  Absolutely nothing, why did I post it here?  Because of the guest the other day about family and kids.  So like the YouTube vudeo the other day about Minecraft, my son wants to make videos like his Dad.  I catch him acting like he is on camera all the time “Hey Guy’s its TNTell the YouTuber and today we are going to talk about feeding the dog -dab- Comment’s below”….

Anyway, we love having 2 way nerf gun wars at the house, and it always ends up with momma getting shot, so mom keeps throwing his nerf ammo away, which is terrible,  because we just bought a 100 pack.

I saw this nerf target that is really a nerf storage pouch, but it has a hole in the bullseye so if he shoots his gun accurately he will also be storing his darts.

It comes with the pouch, the hook, and a sticky holder so you can hang the pouch anywhere.  The pouch costs $11.99 with prime shipping.  However, if it keeps mom from throwing his darts away then it will save much more than that in darts!

It works, but as you can see in the video, it took us a couple tries to get a bullseye (about 4 minutes of trying were edited out)….




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