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How to Use a Rubber Band for No Drip Painting

DIY: No Drip Paint Tip

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When I paint, I tend to paint everything – hair, clothes, ceilings, walls, and an extremely irritated house cat.  I’m not saying I am messy, but I do drip paint everywhere.

I found this no drip paint tip to help me stay clean and paint free so I thought I would share.

You can wrap a rubber band around the handles of a paint container so that the top of the bands cross the center of the open can of paint.

Then as you dip your brush in paint, you can rub the excess paint off on the rubber band rather than the side of the container.  The paint will end up back in the can instead of the sides and top of the can itself.

Try it, it works.

I should have done this when I was painting my new fence, but I did not take the time to dig out a rubber band.  This caused me to get paint all over myself as I climbed around the hillside.  This an the aluminum foil tip makes for easy clean up after painting jobs, which is nice because I hate painting.  I wish I could find a better way of painting my beehives because it means I have to paint a lot.


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