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On Scene Guide for Crisis Negotiators

Book Review: On Scene Guide for Crisis Negotiators

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According to author Frederick J. Lanceley—one of the world’s foremost crisis negotiation authorities—negotiators must train and train regularly. For just as the legal field constantly evolves, so does the field of crisis negotiation.

The new edition of On Scene Guide for Crisis Negotiators reflects this fact. A bestseller in its first edition, this book offers practical advice with regard to the theory, procedures, and techniques of crisis and suicide intervention and hostage negotiation. Two new chapters in the second edition cover negotiation with people under the influence of drugs or alcohol and how first responders can contain a situation until a negotiator can arrive.

With a suicide intervention flow chart, a checklist for investigators assisting negotiators, and an on-scene guide for crisis negotiators, this indispensable book provides the tools you need to conduct successful negotiations and “make nothing happen.”

I would make a horrible negotiator as I just am no good at active listening (ask my wife) – but I think the information in On Scene Guide for Crisis Negotiators is worth reading – especially for preppers.  I think knowing the process and mindset behind negotiators is worthwhile for people that own a lot of guns and tend to be looked on with skepticism and hostility.

I know some guys on negotiation teams and the amount of training they go through to keep their skills current is enormous.  This is a skill that you don’t learn by reading about.  If you are interested in doing more with this than learning the basics you should not only read this, but join a job that does this.


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