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Opening 7.62x54R Spam Can

Opening 7.62x54R Spam Can

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There are a couple different spam cans for surplus ammo – and each has a little different method of opening. Today I am going to open a 300 round can of 7.62x54R on clips.

The 7.62x54R Spam Can is hot dipped galvanized with a soldered on lid.

There is a metal tip on one end.

Grasp that with your pliers (needle nose) and turn the pliers to roll the seam up around the pliers.

Then use the pliers on the side seals, grabbing and peeling away until you can start to roll the lid off.

Its not as hard as it looks on the video – once I got it rolling it came off easy.

The ammo is covered in some cardboard sheet – lift them out to get to the packed rounds.

There are several smaller cardboard coated sections of ammo – each tied with a small string and holding 2 stripper clips of 5 rounds.

Remember – This is the rifle that one man gets “One man gets the rifle, the next man gets some bullets. The second man follows the man with the rifle, and when he is shot, picks up the rifle and carries on fighting!”

All in all this was not that hard to get open, but it sure did protect the contents well.  I need to buy a couple more of these tins of ammo so that when my boy is old enough to clean the cosomoline off of the Mosins I put back for him he has plenty of ammo to learn to shoot with.

When I got my C&R license, it was specifically to buy mosins and other WWII bolt guns.  I figure at $100 for the rifle, and $100 for a 300 round can of ammo, I could afford (over time) to collect enough firearms to outfit all the folks who say that they are coming to my house in a disaster (or repel them – if needed)

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