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PRN Episode #25 Interview Dr. Tom Cannon

PRN Episode #25 Interview Dr. Tom Cannon
PRN Episode #25 Interview Dr. Tom Cannon

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For today’s show David is interviewing an real-life rocket scientist, innovator, and Hall of Fame athlete Dr. Tom Cannon.

Dr. Cannon holds 21 different patents – from things such as the fiber optic connectors on the Patriot Missile system, to a bubble level device to help you perfect your golf swing – but today we talk about his ThriftyVac® invention.

Thirftyvac is a device that allows for the non-electric vacuum sealing of food using ordinary zip-lock type bags.

As with all innovators, Tom started with a problem, defined it, and then came up with a cost effective and sturdy solution.

The second I saw his video I knew I would back his project – Not because it is worth it (I think it is), but because it solves problems I have experienced and therefore makes my life easier.

Dr, Cannon‘s invention is currently being funded through Kickstarter.com, and for those not familiar Kickstarter is a way for innovators and producers to receive funds from actual consumers instead of venture capitalists – this way products either fail or succeed based upon what people actually want rather than how good a salesman you are.

The kickstarter project for the Thirftyvac is already successful, and Tom has raised enough to ensure his product will be produced.  So I am not having him on the show to help him, as much as to give you the opportunity to back the project so you can get the device and other backer rewards much sooner and at a lower cost than what will be available to the general public.

His project will close on July 10th at 10:56am CDT, after that you will have to wait for the Thirftyvac to be sold commercially – (early 2014) – backers are scheduled to get theirs before Christmas 2013.

Besides talking about the Thriftyvac, Tom also discusses his booklet “How to be an Innovator” which explains how to go from a problem to an idea, to a product – and then a business.

I approached Dr. Cannon because I believe that a non-electric vacuum sealer than is non-destructive to the bags (ziplock can be reused) is something the prepper community could use.  I have not received anything in return for my endorsement.

You can find more about the Thriftyvac here:

Watch Videos about it on Youtube:

The show is scheduled for Monday at 10pm central time at this link.

If you cannot listen on Monday, you can always download the podcast for listening at your own leisure.

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