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PRN Episode #29 Best of – Plus last 6 months of Shows

PRN Episode #29 Best of - Plus last 6 months of Shows
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We have been podcasting with the Preparedness Radio Network PRN for 6 months now.  I am pleased with the quality of information we have been able to provide.

I was working on a consolidated list of shows to celebrate this 6 month milestone.  However, while doing so, our audio editor had a major heart attack.

We aren’t going to have a live show this week in order to give him some time to rest.

So instead of a live show, we are going to have a “Best Of” episode.  I will put a consolidated list of shows with links below.

That way you can catch up on any shows you may have missed.

The show is scheduled for Monday at 10pm central time at this link.

If you cannot listen on Monday, you can always download the podcast for listening at your own leisure.

Our Shows

#1 Introduction

#2 Gun Safety

#3 Mindset

#4 AR-15 Build and Tips

#5 What to Do After a Shooting

#6 Self Reliance

#7 John Wesley Smith

#8 Interview Covert Prepper

#9 Interview Wheaton

#10 Interview Bashioum

#11 Interview Scott Hunt

#12 What You Can Do

#13 Interview Baugh

#14 Interview Braaten

#15 Interview Harrison

#16 Interview Barefoot Builder

#17 Raising Rabbits

#18 Top Bar Beekeeping for Preppers

#19 Interview Lamar Alexander

#20 Interview Lamar Alexander Replay (Producer Miscommunication)

#21 Interview Rob Roy

#22 Interview Tom Givens Rangemaster

#23 Interview James Talmage Stevens

#24 Interview Glen Meador

#25 Interview Dr. Tom Cannon

#26 Critical Incident Stress Management

#27 Interview Survival Punk

#28 Interview FerFal

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