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PRN Episode #33 Interview with Joe Hildreth

PRN Episode #33 Interview with Joe Hildreth
PRN Episode #33 Joe Hildreth

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I have noticed that not everyone shares the same belief systems that cause people to be “preppers” or interested in DIY or self-reliance, and that sometimes people can even think that those that want to do things themselves and take responsibility for their own life are “weird” or “strange”.

Because of this, whenever I find others  that share my belief systems and live nearby I embrace them and treasure finding those that are like minded.

Today I get to share with you one of those people – a brilliant mind that not only shares a lot of the same hobbies as I do, but has surpassed me in many of them…

I hope to have today’s guest on more in the future as Joe Hildreth is a leader in the Middle TN conservative movement, coordinates and teaches financial peace classes, and has built his own CNC machine –

But today, we are going to talk about casting metal.  We will talk about the basic premise, how to get started, why its something preppers should consider learning and give some good tips and books to learn more if you are interested.

Of all my interviews, this one was one of the most enjoyable, and I found myself asking questions that I wanted to know…

I would recommend that if you enjoyed the show with Joe Hildreth today, you visit his website at:


Some of the books we discussed on the show today can be found here:

The Charcoal Foundry

Metal Casting: A Sand Casting Manual for the Small Foundry, Vol. 1 

Foundry Manual

The show is scheduled for Monday at 10pm central time at this link.

If you cannot listen on Monday, you can always download the podcast for listening at your own leisure.

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