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PS Auto Adjustable Trailer Hitch Review

Adjustable Trailer Hitch

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Having a farm means you are always hauling stuff, and since someone stole my trailer hitch I needed a new one.  I decided to get a super strong adjustable trailer hitch from PS Auto.

I am in the market for a large equipment trailer to haul my tractor so the 20,000 pound capacity is required.  The one I picked is comparable to the $175 Curt Adjustable hitch and is about $50 less.  Plus it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Weighing in at a respectable 30 pounds, it is both durable and versatile.

With the 6 inch drop you can early adjust the hitch to fit almost any situation.  As you see in the video it is simple to adjust with the channel style shank, even a child can install and manipulate this trailer hitch.

With an old truck such as mine, I am conscious of new rattles, or as I tel the boy, clicks and pops. The three silencer pads reduce noise so I don’t start to think the truck is dying.

I am notoriously hard on my equipment, so the zinc plating and black powder coat keep the metal protected from rust, road grime, and the elements.

All in all, both me and the boy, think this is a good deal for the money.  (and for once the wife didn’t get mad when she saw what was in the package on the front porch…)

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