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Reasons Why You Might Want a Magazine Holster

Reasons Why You Might Want a Magazine Holster

As a firearm enthusiast, you likely have all the standard bells and whistles that many gun owners already have. However, one piece of gear that many people tend to overlook is the magazine holster. There is a good reason for this, though. Most people who own a firearm don’t need quick access to a second magazine while shooting. However, there are some situations in which buying one or two of these can be beneficial. That’s why we’re here to go over some reasons why you might want to get a magazine holster for yourself.

You Have a Job in Law Enforcement

The people who most commonly use magazine pouches are police officers and other individuals who work in law enforcement. When your job is to serve and protect, you need to be able to do so effectively, which means having quick and easy access to additional rounds if necessary.

While many districts will provide their officers with magazine holsters, not all of them will, so you might need to buy a few on your own. Even if your district does provide pouches, they will most likely only be for your standard-issue sidearm. If you also carry a rifle while on duty, you’ll need additional holsters that can hold larger magazines.

You Conceal Carry Often

While it makes sense for police officers to have multiple magazine pouches, they’re certainly not the only people who could benefit from them. Normal civilians who practice concealed carry could also benefit from at least one magazine holster.

Even though you shouldn’t have to burn through a whole clip to protect yourself, it never hurts to be prepared. Having fast access to another magazine can help save your life if it ever comes down to it. Fortunately, some magazine holsters are made specifically for concealed carry, making them easier to hide. You’ll just need to know the common magazine pouch materials, so you can decide which will feel the most comfortable for you to wear.

You’re an Avid Hunter

Finally, we have the avid hunter. While not all hunters will find a magazine holster necessary, there are some reasons why you might want one if you go hunting often. Even though hunters usually aren’t firing off multiple rounds at a time, it’s not uncommon to empty a whole clip while on a long hunting trip.

One could argue that keeping an extra magazine in your pocket or hunting bag will work just fine. However, if you run out of rounds when your prey is still in sight, having quick access to a fresh mag will come in handy. Also, by always carrying your extra ammo on your hip, you will ensure that you have it with you when necessary. This will be extra helpful if you ever need to fight off a wild predator.

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