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Recipe: Spam Boxcars

Recipe: Spam Boxcars

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Spam Boxcars is an old time Scout recipe, and as such is a great camping/off grid cooking recipe.

Its main ingredient is Spam and American Cheese, so it is shelf stable and cheap if not the most healthy.

I cooked this after a long day working on my “bug out location” known to the wife as “the land”.

As I said, its not something that you should eat every day, but as a simple and hearty meal that we could make out in the woods without electricity or a good means of keeping food cool it was tailored made.


  • Spam
  • Velveeta or generic American Processed Cheese (Thick slice)
  • Butter
  • Brown Sugar


Cut Spam into 3/4 inch slices (1 per person) and place on 12″ x 12″ section of foil.

Layer on cheese

Sprinkle on brown sugar and a heaping Tbs of butter.

Wrap completely in foil and place in coals for app. 10 min.


If your not a Spam fan, precooked ham works fine as well.

As I said, this recipe for spam boxcars, is pretty simple, and something a kid can make out in the woods, which is why it is a scouting favorite.


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