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How to Repair Stripped Screw Holes


Repairing Stripped Screw Holes

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There really isn’t a need for a big article today as this was just a quick on the fly video I made as I repaired stripped screw holes at my home.

I came home from the store to my back door wide open and the bottom hinge ripped free from the frame.

First, before I did anything I had to ensure no one was in the house.

Once I was sure no one had broken into my home and nothing appeared to be stolen I started wondering what happened.

The nearest I can figure is the severe winter weather and high winds had worked it loose.  It did not help that I often close the door on extension cords while working outside.

To put the hinge back in I needed to fix the stripped out hole in the door frame.

This is easily accomplished by inserting a toothpick or two into the hole and snapping them off.

Provided that, you don’t want to put in too many or you risk splitting the wood.  The frame already had two split holes under the hinge.

This worked fine and is a tip I learned from my Grandpa.  So I hope it is useful to you.

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