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Sharpening the Warriors Edge

Book Review: Sharpening the Warriors Edge

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If you are a trainer, CCW holder, martial artist, cop, soldier, Marine, or otherwise involved in self defense – you need this book.

Sharpening the Warriors Edge tells you how to program your mind for self-defense through proper training and practice.

Bruce Siddle is well known in the firearm trainer field and this book is full of knowledge to make you better prepared to deal with a use of force situation.

Between Mr. Siddle and Col. Grossman, just about everything you need to prepare your mind for surviving lethal force encounters is written down.

While some people don’t feel the need to examine what goes on mentally when engaged in a killing situation, I feel that every little bit of information on the process will help be better understand what is going on so that I can better survive the actual event, as well as be prepared for the aftermath.

This book is about performance, how to understand the science behind it as well as how to manipulate it to get the best from your mind and body during times of extreme stress.  It is a very interesting read, and the concepts within may one day save your life.

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