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Tact Gear Radio Holder Review

Gear Review: Tact Gear Radio Holder

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I don’t normally post bad reviews – sticking to the idea that “if you don’t have anything good to say don’t say anything at all, but this radio holster was SO poorly made I felt I had to share.

I recently came back to corrections, and I am now an Academy Instructor that is assigned field duties to teach new employees how to survive working in a prison.  I love this job, but to get it I had to be rehired as a basic correctional officer and go back through the entire training process before I could apply.

I bought this Tact Gear Radio Holder upon graduation from the academy and used it as I began my 2 week on the job training.  I did not work hard, as I was not allowed one on one work with inmates during the training.  I did not get in any fights and only responded to a single “officer needs assistance call”.  Imagine my frustration when less than 2 weeks of light use the radio holder broke.

I could not imagine that gear designed to hold such an essential tool as a radio would be built so shoddily.  I was able to sew it using a hand awl speedy stitcher, but I am not sure I can trust it.  Luckily my new job does not have me in a duty belt daily, so I don’t have to buy a more expensive radio holster.

Remember, cheap is cheap for a reason – sometimes you have to have a piece of equipment and you can’t afford the best, but if you can shell out for better gear – you only have to buy once and cry once.

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