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The Complete Guide to Sharpening

The Complete Guide to Sharpening

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In The Complete Guide to Sharpening, a well known tool maker shows how to sharpen different types of tools.  Being able to create and maintain an edge on cutting tools is a base skill for any homesteader, prepper, or DIY’erPresident Lincoln is credited with saying that if you have 2 hours to cut a tree, spend an hour sharpening the axe.  From personal experience having sharp tools is the difference between a pleasure to work and an injury.

Dull cutting tools are hard to work with and are dangerous.

Unfortunately, there is some knowledge you need to have in order to properly sharpen your tools.

The Complete Guide to Sharpening gives you that knowledge.  Every DIY library needs this book on the shelf.  Sharpening tools is a skill that all homesteaders need to posses.

Sharpening tools is not hard to do, just follow the instructions in this book and take your time to do it right.  Soon you will find yourself proud of the edge of your axe and you can cut down that tree in no time.

Right now I am trying to learn how to sharpen and reset the teeth on my band sawmill.

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