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How to Make a Family Disaster Plan

How to Make a Family Disaster Plan
Making a Disaster Plan

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A prearranged plan is easier, safer and more effective than reacting “from the hip” in what is by definition a life-or-death situation – especially in a multi-person household or business.

Without a plan, you may have people going in as many different (and opposing) directions as you have people going.  Because of this, making a disaster plan is vital to good preparedness.

Tips for a Family Disaster Plan

  • Just working up a plan may cause you to consider something you wouldn’t think of in an actual emergency.  For example, a person blindly fleeing a fire might fling open a door; a person who has planned and drilled will know to feel the door for heat first.
  • Your community may have suggestions, probably even a plan; will you have time to review and follow it during an emergency, and to make sure your plan meshes into the community’s?
  • Today’s planning may lead you to action that later saves lives later.  Which is more likely, that you wake up one morning and decide to buy a fire extinguisher, or that you wake up one morning and decide to work up a plan, which leads you to buy a fire extinguisher?
  • This attitude may also lead you to larger preventive actions, like a building inspection that shows potential safety hazards – which you can then eliminate.
  • When you know where to go, you’ll get there sooner.  Even a split-second taken deciding where to go adds at least that split-second to the time that passes before you’re there, safe.
  • You should leave most “response” to professional responders, but simple first aid and CPR are skills everyone should learn.
  • Have an emergency kit in your home, and another smaller version in your vehicle.
  • People become separated in disasters; have a contact each of you will try to reach as soon as possible after your life is no longer threatened.
  • Why is no plan provided here?  Each home and business is unique; only you – in consultation with experts like your insurance agent – can write a truly effective plan for that home or business.

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