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The Top 3 Animals That You Can Hunt at Night

The Top 3 Animals That You Can Hunt at Night

Daytime hunters have it easy. It isn’t too difficult to spot the critters you’re after with light on your side. However, you might feel bored without some variation during hunting after a while. If you want to spice up your hunting season, read on to learn the top three animals that you can hunt at night.

Wild Hogs

Hogs can be some of the biggest nuisance animals out there, and many states know how important it is to keep the hog population under control. In many places, there are wild hogs to hunt nearby. Additionally, nighttime is actually the best time to seek out hogs since they feed under the cover of darkness.

Your best bet for hunting hogs is to set up camp near wallowing holes and look for other signs of the animals.


While you’re probably used to hunting deer during the day, nothing makes an old standard more exciting than turning out the lights. Most deer are more active around sunrise and sunset, so you may even have more luck than normal when you set out to find them at night!

However, hunting deer at night is no easy task. Deer have excellent night vision and sharp hearing, so you’ll need to take steps to avoid ending up spotted. A tree stand is a great move to keep you out of sight so that you can get off the perfect shot.


Bobcats are the only predator on this list, so remember that you need to employ additional safety precautions when hunting them down. Bring some friends along—when you corner a predator, you never know how aggressively they’ll respond. However, if you want to accept the challenge, there are plenty of ways to draw out your prey. Calling bobcats is tricky but not impossible.

Head to abundant water sources and keep your eye on areas of heavy cover to pick out your target.

Now that you know the top three animals that you can hunt at night, brush up on your gun safety, grab a few buddies, and wait until dark!

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