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Tips for Cleaning Your Truck After a Camping Trip

Tips for Cleaning Your Truck After a Camping Trip

Your family loves outings into the woods to explore the outdoors. Camping trips are perfect for fishing, relaxing by the lake, and roasting marshmallows at night.

When the fun inevitably ends, you arrive home to a new set of chores. An important task is fixing up the truck after it braved the wilderness. Use these tips for cleaning your truck after a camping trip for a pristine finish.

Wash the Exterior and Undercarriage

Tree sap, mud, and unwanted insects linger on every exterior surface of the truck after sitting out in the woods. The first thing you should do when returning home is to clean the sides and undercarriage of the truck.

Use a pressure washer for both areas. The pressure washer will remove large pieces of debris with ease.

For the smaller stains that don’t come off so easily, there are two different methods. Use a damp microfiber cloth with detergent on the surface of the car. On the undercarriage, try using a brush with water and detergent to scrub stains away.

Apply a Wax Coating for Protection

Car wax is a great solution to safeguard the truck’s exterior while retaining a gorgeous shine. After thoroughly cleaning and drying the vehicle, apply the wax coating across each surface using an applicator pad. Work one panel at a time.

Finish coating the car with wax before using a towel to remove the wax. Follow the truck’s body lines for a smooth finish.

Remove the Floor Mats for a Deep Cleaning

Keep the pressure washer handy! Rubber floor mats become dreadfully dirty after a camping trip. One tip to clean your truck’s floor mats is to take them out of the vehicle first to give them a deep cleaning.

Start by using a vacuum or shaking any debris loose. Then, rinse the mats with the power washer to remove any debris left behind. Now you can finally remove the bacteria and stains stuck on the surfaces.

Apply a car wash solution or an all-purpose cleaner onto the mats. Allow it to sit for a moment before scrubbing it with a stiff brush. Once all the stains disappear, you can rinse the mats with the pressure washer and dry them.

Don’t Forget To Look Out for Ticks

Ticks are small parasitic pests that live in the woods. On occasion, they’ll find their way into your truck. Although ticks ultimately need to latch onto a host for survival, they can also survive without one.

Stay on the lookout for these pests while you’re cleaning your car. Vacuuming is a great method to dispose of any ticks on the surfaces. However, they might hide within the nooks and crannies of the interior.

Fix this issue by using an insecticide and parking the car in direct sunlight. Both will work to eliminate ticks from your car and protect your family.

If cleaning the interior becomes more challenging than you once thought, you can always schedule a detailing service. The benefits of interior car detailing will return your truck’s original luster so it’s ready for the next family camping trip.

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