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Tips for Preparing Your Home for a Winter Storm

Tips for Preparing Your Home for a Winter Storm

An approaching winter storm can incite chaos for many people, whether they rush to the store for supplies or keep their snowblowers on standby. Preparing yourself for what’s to come is essential. Fortunately, you can take extra steps to prepare your home for harsh winter weather—check out these tips for preparing your home for a winter storm.

Stock Up on Food and Water

Winter storms can make travel challenging, and in some cases, road closures and excess snow can make leaving your home impossible. Therefore, it’s critical to stock up on food and water before a winter storm hits. Make sure you have nonperishable foods as well as a case of water on hand. If you’re wondering what nonperishables to purchase, check out this list:

  • Rice
  • Instant soup mix
  • Canned vegetables and meat
  • Peanut butter and jelly
  • Breakfast cereal
  • Granola bars
  • Tea, coffee, or hot chocolate

Winterize Your Home

One of the best ways to protect your home from a storm is to winterize it. You can start this process in the fall or early winter. Check the windows and doors for drafts, and use weather-stripping to keep out the cold air. In addition, you can wrap exposed water pipes and trim any tree branches that hang over your home or car. Doing the latter will prevent the branches from falling under the weight of snow and damaging your roof or vehicle.

Consider Installing a Metal Roof

A preventative step you can take for winter storms is installing a metal roof. Metal roofing material can withstand harsh weather conditions and keep your house warm, and it won’t suffer damage from falling tree branches or excess snow. Winter roof installation is possible if you decide to seek out a metal roof now. Talk to roofing contractors and create a plan.

Have Access to Portable Power

The power can go out during winter storms or extremely cold weather. Therefore, it’s essential to have access to portable power. You can purchase a power station or portable generator as a temporary power solution. You can also purchase a camp stove, since if you have an electric stove, you won’t have access to it during a power outage. A camp stove uses butane fuel for power.

Winter storms can create chaos for many people. Whether you’re scrambling to buy supplies or preparing to undergo deep shoveling, preparing yourself for what’s to come is essential. We hope our tips for preparing your home for a winter storm were helpful to you.

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