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TNGun Fan Finder Ad


TNGun Fan Finder Ad

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TNGun started as a firearm school where David Nash taught Tennessee handgun carry permit and armed security courses, but as David evolved and matured this site morphed into the Shepherd School and began to teach more than just guns.  The video below is the YouTube fan finder ad for the tngun channel.

The TNGun website showcases all of the Shepherd School YouTube videos in a way that is much easier to search than they are on YouTube.   Besides the videos we have articles and hundreds of free downloads.

The goal of this site is to help people become better prepared and to pass the message that stuff is not enough – you have to have skills and knowledge to complement gear.

I don’t claim to have the best way to do things, and many of my projects are rigged together and make experts in that specific area scream, but they are all real and unedited – and if something does not work I don’t hide it.

I appreciate all the people who visit this TNGun website, my students, and the friends that have helped me grow and do the things I do.  This website is more than just words on a screen, it is my life.

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